Faraday Cases offer two lines of products: Zeus and Thor to protect sensitive electronics such as communications equipment, sensors, computers and laptops, servers, routers, switches, and any other mission critical device. Our Zeus line of injection molded cases provide highly durable physical and electromagnetic protection in a lightweight, economical platform. The Thor line of continuous fiber-reinforced composite laminate cases are in a class of their own as an ultimate solution for lightweight protection against demanding shielding standards. We offer both off-the-shelf solutions and custom designs, for totes, footlocker, 19” rackmount enclosures, or custom form factors for both storage and operating systems.

The materials used in our cases integrate game-changing conductivity and shielding performance as part of a multifunctional materials system while preserving the basic weight, structural, environmental, and performance advantages of composites and plastics.”

Zeus Line (Injection Molded Cases)

Typical plastic cases are rugged and have desirable environmental protection features, but have no electromagnetic shielding or wireless protection capabilities. Shielding is added with an expensive secondary coating process or a metal liner, which results in delamination and bonding issues, compromised performance when scratched, coefficient of thermal expansion mismatches, or other issues. Faraday’s superior approach incorporates conductive materials directly into our proprietary molding compounds, resulting in a lightweight, economical solution with high levels of integrated shielding performance. With no secondary processes or linings to scratch, peel, or corrode, our high-impact resin cases are durable, air and water tight, fire retardant, and ready to protect your electronics in any environment. Zeus cases are available in a variety of off-the-shelf or custom sizes and can be ordered in standard grey or durable camouflage finishes and accessories such as interior foam kits and padded shoulder straps. The Zeus line is ideal for storage and transit of electronic systems.

Exceeds military standards 810, 461 and 464.

Zeus cases come in three different formats: Zeus, Zeus+, and Zeus PRO.

Thor Line (Composite Laminate Cases)

Our Thor line of continuous fiber reinforced laminate cases provide the ultimate combination of strength, weight, and shielding protection. These composite cases integrate our unique and patented all-composite construction technology to provide the highest levels of shielding performance across a broad range of frequencies and demanding shielding standards, including Military Standard 461, 464 and others. The Thor line of cases are available in a sizes and formats including rackmount, tote, footlocker and custom configurations. The Thor line has form factors ideal for operational configurations and storage/transit of electronic systems as well as operational systems. Operational systems are provided with complete thermal management, filtered power feeds, I/O provisions, and internal shock isolation. Please contact us to inquire about purchasing Thor products.

Exceeds military standards 810, 461, 464 and others.